What a beautifully written book and such great illustrations . I love the mirroring of the child to new baby, the interactions, the way the baby almost reassures the child. The flow of the story ideally represents that process of fetal brain development and subtly lays the foundation for continued nurturing. Certainly I would recommend.

Claire Fox

Midwife and breastfeeding specialist

This is a beautifully written book, perfect for introducing your toddler to the idea of a new arrival. Something you can share as your new baby develops which will help your toddler feel included. I wish I’d had something like this when I was expecting my second.


Preschool storyteller

Wow” what a beautifully written and illustrated book. It addresses a very pertinent subject matter. The book helps to create the concept of the actual identity of a new individual, not just a ‘baby’ and the impact this could have on a sibling. The content is a fantastic aid to the existing child(REN) adjusting to this at an early stage. The emphasis on engaging the children in speaking and touching; imagining how their unborn sibling may look at different stages in the development in utero is particularly important. This book underpins the research on understanding the baby’s brain development and the links between this and positive infant mental health. In effect this equates to our desire to improve and maintain positive attachment and this can ultimately only be good for all concerned. I hope that all who read this will appreciate its significance and relevance as much as I have done. It will improve and promote what I have tried to do in my long career – positive parenting.

Joanie McCanny Bsc Hons; RGN; RM; HV cert;

IHV Infant mental health specialist

I really enjoyed reading this book with my little one. I particularly loved how it has step-by-step sections on how the baby develops in the womb and how that relates to their older brother or sister. It’s a lovely little book and it has great information and descriptions on what happens and when. The illustrations are gorgeous too! It builds excitement and helps the older sibling/s feel included and valued at every stage of pregnancy and beyond. A fantastic resource.


NCT Practitioner

What a lovely book to share with the whole family and especially for big brother or big sister who eagerly await the arrival of their new baby! So many opportunities to discuss feelings and answer many questions. The week to week guide and beautiful illustrations makes this an excellent tool in getting everyone involved in the process of pregnancy and beyond!

Bakshi Sidhu

In my opinion and from an educational point of view, I think this book is outstanding. I will absolutely be purchasing a copy once it is published. I enjoyed it because I believe it truly allows siblings to connect with their unborn brother or sister. The questioning throughout is key because it allows the child to really engage with the material and then provides opportunity for the mother to gauge their child’s thoughts and feelings of the current situation. The book also provides cross-curricular links between maths, science and literacy – this is a USP as not many books these days seem to interlink these areas well. Additionally, there are elements where the child can be creative within their learning. For example when choosing names for their sibling. It’s great that your pictures demonstrate cultural diversity. It’s surprising how many books do not celebrate diversity in this day in age. Lastly, the activities that are embedded throughout are fabulous, well thought out and highly relevant. I can’t wait to see this on the shelves of our biggest bookstores, where it deserves to be! Kind regards,

Gemma Maria


As head teacher of a junior school and mum of two children, I wish there had been a book like this to read to my first child. I especially like how it is broken up into each week to show the child how the baby is developing. A super book to support a time when there are so many questions asked! How has this not been written before? Brilliant to have the answers ready, in child friendly language with stunning illustrations. A fabulous pregnancy aid for parent and child.

Sarah Mansall

Head teacher

I’d highly recommend ‘Let’s talk to Mummy’s tummy’ to read if you’re expecting another baby. The book is well written and has lovely illustrations. The book is written in simple accessible language for children and is suitable for a large age range; starting as young as toddlers. It helps children understand what is happening in mummy’s tummy, as well as helping prepare the sibling for the new arrival. The questions enable siblings to become involved and not feel left out. I especially liked the educational links, for example counting and dates linked to seasons. The book would make a fantastic baby shower present.

Robyn Stevenson


Let’s talk to mummy’s tummy is a must have for all second time parents. As a midwife and mother of five- I am so excited to see a children’s book which is promoting positive relationships with baby in utero.
This book explores feelings and introduces meaningful conversations with parents and children which lays the foundation for the strong bonds and attachment with baby to be.
Experiencing a good book can be magical and this book encourages time out to talk to baby which we now know is so important for brain development.
Young children can really start to think what it will be like to have a baby in their lives. In community midwifery at the first point of contact I have with parents who already have children, one of their main concerns is how the new addition to the family will affect their child- this book is the perfect tool to help with the transition.
Let’s talk to mummy’s tummy is full of love and encourages closeness between baby and child.
The illustrations are beautifully detailed and reflect real life, there is so much to share- this is a timeless children’s book.


Mother and Midwife

This is a brilliant book.it makes a refreshing change to have a pregnancy book that talks through week-by-week changes that is aimed at children, rather than parents. As well as talking through what is happening in Mummy’s tummy each week, it also discusses various issues which may arise in the future once the baby arrives such as feeding choices, where the baby will sleep and what happens if you feel Jealous when the baby gets brought gifts! It’s a great way to prepare children for the arrival of the baby and also to understand what is happening each week. The language is child-focussed so ideal to snuggle up with your little one and read it together. It’s intended to be read weekly, with each page talking about the progress since the last week and also discussing one particular issue. The illustrations are beautiful and very inclusive – showing families of all kinds of backgrounds and make up which makes this really unique. This book is fantastic!